Time Management is an outdated idea!

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Time Management is an outdated idea!

The idea of ‘time management is an outdated idea which Steven Covey, the author of ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, said was impossible in the late ’70s. Yet, in 2021, we still talk about time management as something we need to get a hold of and control.

Covey went on to say, “The real challenge isn’t to manage time; it’s to manage ourselves.’ So what did he mean? Unfortunately the reality is; that it’s just not possible to manage time. 

How many times have you time blocked meetings and fixed responsibilities into a calendar, eager to manage your week more successfully, only to find that by day three, you’re thrown in the towel and decided it just doesn’t work.

Why? Time blocking doesn’t work because what you are trying to do is manage time. Unfortunately, time is elusive and can’t be contained. You can’t take 2 hours out of the sky and control it.

Think back to what tripped you up? 

Was it taking time for an urgent client call you didn’t expect? A sick child? A client query? Or a deadline you had forgotten? It could have been any one of those things – things you didn’t expect and couldn’t have predicted would occur. Unfortunately, it’s these incidentals that throw us off track and keep us from achieving our goals. We can’t predict what will happen; we can’t control what we don’t know.

When you block in time and then receive an urgent call from a client you didn’t expect, do you become frustrated and resist taking the call? If you’re like most normal people, you’ll answer the call, while complaining in your head that you don’t have the time for this interruption. It’s a lose/lose. 

So what can you do? You answer isn’t to manage time, it’s to manage yourself by allowing for those ‘incidentals’ and expecting them. Allowing time for the ‘incidentals’ will give you the freedom to answer that unexpected call without resentment. If you use that time during the day, that’s great. If you don’t, you’ll have extra time for something else.

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