Redefine Success

What is success?

We’re often told that success is the attainment of money, fame and social status. However, for many who appear to “have it all”, often these indicators do not lead to happiness or fulfilment.

What makes you feel successful?

I regularly meet people who say that the harder they push to achieve society’s definition of success, the less motivated they become.
From these conversations it’s become clear that while we tend to think of success along three metrics – money, fame and power; it’s equally important that we look deeper and develop our own personal drivers.

My practice focuses on helping clients pinpoint their real motivations – their individual success drivers.

While it can be difficult to challenge the perceived status quo, discovering what motivates you to succeed can be liberating and empowering.

I first met Mike on a recent visit to his beachside coffee shop. The sun was shining and the view from the café windows was beautiful. You can imagine my surprise when I learnt that Mike’s business survived only on selling coffee. As a business coach, I could see nothing but potential in adding other meals to the menu.

After chatting with Mike, it became clear to me that he had no interest in changing his business. Keeping the menu small allowed him to earn a living, support his family and have enough free time to surf every morning, something he loved to do.

Mike told me that he couldn’t imagine living a more perfect life. He was happy and healthy because his business aligned perfectly with his personal success drivers.

If you had to choose between running a business while feeling exhausted and miserable or running a business that left you feeling energised and successful, which one would you choose?

Jane ran a flourishing business. Profit margins were high, she worked hard and was busy achieving her financial goals. But Jane didn’t feel successful. She compared herself with others and felt guilty when she didn’t spend time with her family and friends.

Jane and I worked to identify her success drivers; the aspects of her life that gave her meaning and satisfaction. When Jane determined that personal relationships were most important to her, she was able to shift her entire approach and focus. Together we developed a plan that enabled Jane to spend time with those she loved. As a result, she became more energised and engaged in her business.

It was important for Jane to redefine what success “looked like” to her and ensure that these drivers became a priority in her life. It was clear, if Jane continued to focus only on hitting sales targets, she would eventually burn out.

If you feel like you’re constantly following someone else’s guidelines, now’s the time to determine your own drivers.

Jane, like Mike, is a new breed of entrepreneur. Her business continues to align with the external metrics of success while also supporting her internal success drivers.

Together, Jane and I developed ways that she could continue to grow her business while enjoying her life. She now knows that if she prioritises the things that are most important to her, she’ll feel happier and this will have a ripple effect on her clients, family and friends.

Aligning with your drivers is the key to success and happiness.

When we determine what motivates us and prioritise this before anything else, things naturally fall into place. If you get your drivers right, it will be easier to deal with whatever the world throws your way.

If you feel like you’re banging your head against the wall then it may be because you are not paying attention to the things that matter most.

Want to know how to determine your success drivers?

All it takes is one 2 hour session, plus 3 simple exercises to reveal your personal success drivers.

We work together to identify your success drivers, and determine whether you’re you working towards or away from them. It’s an opportunity to focus on what energises, strengthens, and gets you back on track, aligned and happier.

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